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Tesla-MoL-boxIf you like Euchre and Hearts, the Steam Punk theme (and maybe you've played Dominion)...

Tesla, Master of Lightning

Designed by David McCord, published by NewVenture Games with artwork by David McCord.
For 2 to 6 players ages 12 and up (or younger). Plays in about 30 minutes with 4 players.

This is a card game for fans of Nicola Tesla which combines trick-taking, bidding, and deck-building. Most of the cards in the 144-card deck include a tidbit of history related to Tesla's life and works. Using cards in your hand, you bid on “prize cards” which (if you win them) will become part of your own growing deck of cards for future hands. The more good cards you can win, the better your chances become, but these prize cards may include undesirable cards as well. Collecting cards in specific suits can also gain you points when the final score is tallied.