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LineDice-2ndEdition smIf you like Dominos, Dice, making patterns and simple puzzles...

Line Dice

Designed by Walter Sharrow and pubished by World Wide Chaos, Inc.
For 2 to 4 players ages 5 and up. Plays under 10 minutes.

This set of 36 custom dice is imprinted with lines on each face, and a few directional arrows. From a “hand” of dice the players attempt to build upon a continuing path of curves and straight sections one die at a time. All dice are visible, so players can see their opponent's choices as well as their own. The objective is to be the last who can play a die to the path. Clever placement can block other players, and the thousands of combinations guarantee a different game every time. A great little "Pocket Game" for travels and outings and fun on the go.