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Ruse smIf you like the Steam Punk theme, traditional card games, and a little bit of story...

Designed by Levi Mote and Sara Sharp, Published by Bonsai Entertainment / Game Salute, with artwork by Kelly McClellan.
For 3 to 5 players ages 10 and up. Plays in about 30 minutes.

Subtitled as “a steampunk murder mystery card game,” accusations and alibis are flung right and left as players attempt to implicate each other in a dastardly murder. The various characters in the game will be embroiled in a convoluted story of intrigue. The game is designed around a standard 52-card poker deck (in fact the cards have traditional card ranks on them). The game also includes a bonus dice game and a small story book. The box is many times larger than it needs to be to store the two decks of cards, but the quality of the components is good. Ruse will be different every time, and if the players are story-minded, the adventures can weave a fun tale while they defend themselves and accuse others turn after turn.