BONKERS Board Game

Brand: Game Development Group
  • A quick thinking party game that everyone can enjoy!
  • Draw a question and start blurting out your guesses to hit the 'Bullseye' answers.
  • Guess right, or an opponent can win your scoring chips.
  • Includes 540 game cards, scoring chips, sand timer, game board, playing pawns and instruction sheet.
  • An award winner! For 2 to 6 players (up to 18 players with teams). Ages 13 to Adult.

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Editorial Review: Do you get tongue-tied under pressure? Can you avoid mental blocks? You'll soon find out playing Bonkers, a quick-thinking party game that has players racing against time to hit the 'Bullseye' Answers and win scoring chips. Here's what happens. After the card reader presents a question, the timer is turned over and the fun begins. The player in the 'hot seat' Starts blurting out answers, trying to match Bullseye answers on the game card. Quick, think of words to fill in the blank: '(blank) sale'. You might blurt out 'yard sale', 'garage sale', 'fire sale', but are those answers a Bullseye match? Keep guessing until time runs out. In the next round you are asked to name living creatures that begin with the letters 'co'? The answers roll off your tongue: Cobra, Coyote, cow, etc. To win scoring chips you must match some or all of the four bulls eyes options provided on the game card. The more bulls eyes You hit, the fewer scoring chips are left for an opposing player to win. So don't waste any time! Keep the answers rolling! There are four different card types to challenge you: figure out what goes in the blank in "what the (blank)"?, form words in "add Ons", use letter hints to search for things in "letter perfect", and find rhymes in "rhyme time". It's a constant battle of wits, nerves and concentration. Whether you are playing one on one or in teams - it's fun to go Bonkers! Includes over 2500 questions on 160 game cards, scoring chips, sand timer, game board, playing pawns and instruction sheet.